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Fundraising Opportunity

Don’t miss an amazing fundraising opportunity to…

Raise money for your group
Selling the Cookbook To Raise Money:

You or your group can purchase cases of 12 cookbooks at the wholesale price of $23.00 each (shipping included in the US). Then, when you sell them to your members and friends for the retail price of $36.00 your group will earn $13.00 for every cookbook sold!

How to Have Joanne Caras as Your Guest Speaker:

If you purchase a supply of cookbooks at the wholesales price to sell at your event you can request cookbook creator Joanne Caras as your guest speaker. The amount of cookbooks required to purchase depends on the size of your group and the distance Joanne must travel from her home in Florida.

Joanne has given over 250 speeches in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, and Israel.

To see her speaking schedule click here

Joanne’s speech lasts about 35 minutes. She explains how the cookbook project began, tells a few of the more memorable stories from the books, and talks about all the wonderful mitzvahs these cookbooks have created. It is a powerful and very moving presentation that touch the hearts of your members.

After Joanne speaks the articipants are very motivasted to purchase cookbooks for themselves and as gifts for others. Purchasing cookbooks at the wholesale price and selling them at the retail price turns your event into a great fundraiser!

If she has spoken to your group before she now has a brand new speech that incorporates heart warming stories from our new cookbook MIRACLES & MEALS.

After the speech Joanne signs all copies of the cookbooks for those who purchase them. Our experience is that groups typically sell more than one book for each person who attends the event!

Most groups serve coffee and a few desserts made from recipes found in the cookbooks (apple cake, rugelach, toffee candy, brownies, and mandel bread). The food plus Joanne’s speech and the book signing makes a wonderful event that lasts about 2 hours.

Many groups charge a nominal fee ($10.00 or $18.00) per person to attend, and this usually generates enough income to cover Joanne’s travel costs.

For full details,cost, and requirements for a speaking fundraiser please call Joanne at 443-604-2643

Organizations that have featured Joanne’s speech and book signing:
  • Chabad Women’s Circles
  • Hadassah chapters
  • ORT chapters
  • Sisterhoods
  • JCC
  • Jewish Federations
  • Temples and Synagogues
  • Book Fairs
  • AMIT Chapters
  • University Hillels
  • Brandeis Chapters
  • Jewish Education Centers
Combining events:

Groups in the same geographic location can schedule events on consecutive days and split the overall travel costs to save money

Advertising your Event:

For a sample flier click here
For a sample press release click here

Our Guarantee:

We want to insure that your event is a success in every way. Any group that purchases 48 cookbooks for an event can send back any unsold books for a full refund.