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Cookbook Feedback

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Every time I pick up this book, I am in awe of the contributors and of the Caras family.

I received my cookbooks on Yom Kippur which could not have been a more appropriate time to have received this wonderful and moving book. I thought that reading the book was a perfect way to honor the memories of those who perished in the Holocaust as well as those who have carried on such important traditions. Thank you to Joanne and her family for engaging in this important project and for bringing so many people’s stories and memories to us in this beautiful way.

I have just come home to find delivery of the most impressive and beautifully-produced cookery book which, I feel, truly honors and celebrates the lives of so many survivors, including my now deceased husband Sol. Kol Hakavod to you and your publishers — I am looking forward to perusing the stories and recipes in the truly fine book.

Thank you so much for the amazing and beautiful cookbook. I just sat down and cried when I received my book. I know my parents would be so proud to be included in this very special project of helping people in Israel. I cannot stop looking at it and reading all of the remarkable stories and delicious recipes. I want to thank you so much for creating this wonderful idea to combine helping people with remembering survivor families of the holocaust in a positive way. It also gave me an opportunity to honor my parents’ memories by sharing their stories and recipes.

Joanne, we are impressed and proud of what you have done. You cannot yet appreciate the impact on the lives of the people who have not even shared the benefits of this book yet, nor the impact upon those who cannot yet read, or who have not even been born yet.

On behalf of so many, let us say, todah raba, thank you, and obrigado.

What is most impressive is to read this total body of Holocaust history about individuals and families who rebuilt productive and positive lives. Every time I pick up this book, I am in awe of the contributors and of the Caras family that had the insight and foresight to put this together.

The cookbook came today and it is wonderful. I read it from cover to cover – smiling, weeping, and remembering. May the new year bring you all great joy and good health.

We have fulfilled a mitzvah.

I feel like a baby just arrived after a long pregnancy. I can only imagine how you feel. It’s amazing. I love it and it has brought tears to my eyes. I am saving it for Kol Nidre night to read in Shul.

The cookbooks arrived, how moving and beautiful!

Thank you for the most incredible tribute to my family.

We just cannot think of the adjective that could explain how we feel…to know that we are sharing our parents with the WORLD! Sharing their stories and sharing the smells of our mother’s kitchen cooking her Greek-Jewish foods is nothing less than an honor to all the Greek Jewish Holocaust Survivors as well as those who were lucky enough to have escaped. We can never forget our beloved parents as long as we live…and now the world will never forget as well……Our Mama and Baba would have been SO proud to have known what they were a part of.

Thank you Joanne and the entire Caras clan for this labor of love.

Your family will always be special to my family for doing this. You can not imagine how much I cried reading through it. I will read and cook and read some more, all thanks to your family.

L’Shana Tova.

Thank you for such a wonderful cookbook and work of love and remembrance!! I will cherish this book. I shared it with my mother and we both read the stories with hope and sadness. I will try many of the recipes. Do you have plans to do a sequel?? I know my husband’s grandmother would be a wonderful contributor. She survived the holocaust where her parents and many of her siblings as well as other family perished. She is a wonderful cook and a blessing to our family!!

I received my new copy today. Thank you for taking on the huge task of getting this into print and distributed. With each persons recount of the horrors they encountered, even though I get so emotional at times, I can’t see the print, I need to read on. Haven’t even looked at recipes, just their experiences. It was a courageous effort on their part and for you to bring it to print. I know a few survivors who never want to discuss any of it and I understand. However, how remarkable that through this incredible time they have been able to make great strides in their lives. Your book holds a special place on my shelf, in my life, and in my heart!


Your book is making the rounds I just got a letter from Petaluma, Ca This gentleman was very close with my brother and when he read the story in the cookbook he recognized my mothers picture… I just hung up with him The book is doing just what I wanted it to do Dig up people from the past.

Fondly Ruth Bloch

Dear Joanne,

It was wonderful to see you again yesterday. The program was very inspirational. Your work and your words gave meaning to what we do.