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About The Project

The Caras family is donating all of the profits from every cookbook sold to charity.  Our most recent donation to the Carmei Ha’ir Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem  brings our total contributions to over $180,000 for feeding poor and hungry Israelis.  So far the family has raised over $850,000 in total for Jewish groups and charities around the world. With just 12,000 more books sold we will reach $1 million raised!

The world economic crisis has forced other Israeli Soup Kitchens to close their doors but Carmei Ha’ir remained open because of our cookbook!

Jewish groups such as Hadassah chapters, ORT chapters, Temples, Synagogues, schools, JCC’s, Holocaust Museums, and Jewish Federations are purchasing the cookbook at the wholesale price to sell as a fundraiser for the important work they do.

In addition we have a large supply of cookbooks now available in Israel! Contact us for more information on how to purchase a copy in Israel. We also have both cookbooks available to be downloaded as an e-book.

Our goal is to raise millions for Carmei Ha’ir and millions more for Jewish groups all over the world. In total we would like to sell 6 million cookbooks as a tribute to the memory of those Jews who did not survive the Holocaust.

Every cookbook sold creates three mitzvahs:

  • It raises money for Jewish groups
  • It helps to support the soup kitchen in Israel
  • It honors all survivors and keeps their stories alive for generations to come.

We are also very proud that our cookbooks are  now being used to teach Holocaust Studies in public schools.

Joanne has had over 250 speaking and book signing engagements from Canada to Mexico and from New York to California. She has also toured England, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Panama, and Israel.

We have touched the hearts of thousands of people all over the world!